The KEMABO corporate group (member is Bútorg Ltd, repsonsible for production) has dealt with interior designing and manufacturing for twenty-one years. Our operation and service is garantueed by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality standard which  is constantly  renewed. In our furniture factory we make superior quality products for banks, office blocks, public institutions, hotels, educational and other cultural programs- and last but not least for institutions which give place for different meetings.  From the floor to the ceiling, from the door to the window, from the planning to the key handover, including furnishing, we can accomplish any kind of interior design, thanks to the wide range of association with suppliers. Our strength is that we always plan and carry out a unique set-up what fits the best to the actual place. Among our references you can find from exhibition cases, through acoustic panels, to restored antique furnitures, almost any kind of special product.

The versatility of our products is provided by a solid engineering background. The set-up plans are created in a fully equipped design studio by our experienced specialists, who can also illustrate the plans with a 3D picture or animation.

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