20 years ago our company started as a small family business. Now we are working for satisfied, returning customers in Hungary and all over Europe. Precision, intensity, short deadlines, good prices and flexibility characterize our work. We have furnished hotels, stores, factories, medical institutions and public institutions. The capacity of our works enables us to tackle with big projects but our specialists and engineers have got significant experiences in artificer, non-series works as well.
The production is going on with modern, test bench and edge-benching CNC machines we carry out high gloss and extra surfaces in our own factory. The quality assurance has always been a priority for our company therefore we could become the supplier of international networks. We set up our subsidiary ERFA-2000 Ltd. to produce in the most economical and cost-effective way with the optimization of commercial functions and procurement.
Today 120 employees, 4500 m2 of factory area, 5300 m2 of raw materials and finished goods warehouse, and 1600 m2 of retail shops and offices are available for work. Sales revenue in 2011 exceeded 12 million euros. 

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VIA Group International 1016 Budapest, Krisztina Krt. 99. +36 30 914 1569