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While in 2015 the topic was the first own home, this year designers have focused on  the first child’s arrival. Therefore the name of the actual project is Design Baby. In the year 2016 11 furnitures of childrens’ rooms were created specifically for the 0-3 year old generation. There are among the designed goods with different kinds of functions a cradle, crib, seat for feed, mini car, toys and monkey bars too.

Everybody wins with this project having been executed by a widespread collaboration of the sector. The users obtain the plans of the furniters free of charge. So they can manufacture their furnitures in an average domestic wood industrial surroudings or in their own workshop at home and at a realistic cost. (In 2016 the organizers  determined the cost of material of the furnitures 50.000 HUF as maximum but in several cases it is under 15.000 HUF.) The users have not to calculate the costs of packing, marketing, and delivery moreover the profit of sale. At the same time they strengthen the local enterprises because they recline upon the local sources and raw materials; accordingly they reduce not only the waste production and the enviromental pollution but making use of the open design services they ensure an optimal ecological footmark.  Not only the users and the local workshops can be considered as winners of the project but also the designers, the students of Moholy-Nagy Art University (MOME) sharing their knowledge with the public. On the one hand they get a firm feedback of the users in the form of likes and downloads and on the other hand they can pick up the manner of designing furnitures by consulting with the consultants of the university and the wood industrial partners producing the prototype goods. As members of the Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industrial Association they undertake to stand by the students as professional partners and make them aquainted with the wood industrial technologies and the operation of their works and workshops, and to manufacture maybe more than one specimen of the furnitures on their own cost. Another positive proceed of this kind of cooperation of progressive approach is that trustfulness among the people of the sector is growing, they begin a conversation and longterm partnerships are developing: these sinergies all together are leading up to the development of the Hungarian furniture industry and strengthening of its’ competitiveness.

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