Wood Like project

Wood Like brand was established in 2016 by 6 partners to promote the joy and beauty of working with wood. Wood Like is a spectacular stall for the first sight designed by MOME Architecture Institute and built by huge modules thanks to Nyír-Demonich Ltd. This project is more than an eyemark, it is a well equipped DIY workshop where non-professionals/laymen could easily acquire woodworker skills. Wood Like debuted on Construma OtthonDesign Fair.

According to pshychological researches the handicraft activity has a preventive effect, protects against stress and enviromental harms. In the meantime the „doing it”, „creation by hands” is recently   a kind of knowledge with an increasing prestige, i.e. it retrieves the right old position in our values. The Wood Like is a new brand coming out at Construma – Otthon exhibition having been a dream of six cooperating partners. Their aim is to introduce the joy and beauty of working with wood by all possible way.

At the first sight the Wood Like is a spectacular stand built of modules and designed by the Architectural Institute of Moholy-Nagy  Art University, using the box  system of Nyír-Demonich Plc. which consists of laminated plates and galvanized metal elements. However going closer, it is not only an exhibition stand but rather a well equipped wood workshop where we can become professionals for a few hours. And the Wood Like is even more: it is a range of such Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops where the laymen and those wishing to be aquanted with the trade of carpenters can work together; they can have personal experience regarding to working wood,  pick up some skills of using wood industrial machines and tools, learn the techniques of carpenters and last but not least  following the mentality of open design they can make designed goods. In brief, they can go and see what a wonderful material the wood is if it is formed by hands with knowledge. The workshops and shows are to be conducted by the experts partly of Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College and partly of Hellowood-Technika industrial company. They create the design furnitures exhibited on the neighbouring stand Download Design from downloading the drawings of products up to the finishing touches.

The Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industrial Association has been the indicator and coordinator of Wood Like , while the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry has provided the vocational support. The six cooperating partners are thinking about not a pop-up action but rather a longterm sustainable brand which can be reloaded by new actual contents. However, one factor is constant for sure: the wood beloved by all of them.

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